Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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03 October, 2019

Lecitrailer has relied on Geinsa for the installation of paint booths in its plants in Zaragoza, Valencia, Madrid, Seville, Barcelona and Lyon. But the biggest investment is the construction at its headquarters in Zaragoza of the largest cataphoresis facility in Europe. Geinsa has designed, manufactured and assembled this complex and automated cataphoresis line.

The success of the installation is due to Geinsa's great engineering work and an intense communication of all the member companies with advanced technological resources. The result is proven in the quality of the finishing of the piece and in the capacity of production.

The KTL nanotechnology and paint treatment facility designed and assembled by Geinsa consists of:

Shot blasting machine and turner: After the welding process, the piece is subjected to a shot blasting to remove material residues from its surface. The next step is to fix the piece to a hydraulic turner so that the shot is detached by gravity. Through a hydraulic platform, the piece is hung on the frames that support it to the conveyor and prepared for surface treatment.

Surface treatment with nanotechnology and KTL paint: The most relevant part of the installation consists of 10 tanks (4 meters high and 17 meters long), in which the pieces are submerged to receive active baths, be washed and finally to be painted by electrodeposition.

Cross-linking and cooling: After the electrodeposition of paint, the piece is introduced into a preheating oven and then into a cross-linking oven. As a result of the large mass of the piece, it is necessary to preheat it to reduce the thermal jump to the cross-linking temperature. The next step is a cooling enclosure with ventilation of outside air, reducing the cooling time and taking advantage of the heat that emanates from the piece for other processes.

 Paint booth and curing oven: In this last phase, the application of liquid paint and oven curing take place. The cabin is equipped with two platforms with three-axis movement to facilitate access to all surfaces of the piece.

Management room: The installation has a management room for the control and visualization of all the elements by means of 4 screens and 8 cameras in closed circuit. In this way, a strong and reliable solution is offered that allows simultaneous monitoring and management of a large amount of information.




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