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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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25 May, 2021

Schako, who invented the swirl diffuser, produces components and system solutions for ventilation and air-conditioning. GEINSA has installed a surface treatment line in their production plant in Zaragoza. The installation consists of a treatment tunnel equipped with osmosis-purified water and an oil separator, a drying oven, a polymerization oven and a conveyor system. This treatment line is controlled from a general electrical cabinet with a PLC and a touch screen, and includes a remote help system.

In SCHAKO’s surface treatment and drying installation, the parts treated are carried on a continuous conveyor system into the 4-stage nanotechnology treatment tunnel.

The final rinse is performed using osmosis-purified water, in order to guarantee the maximum quality of the finish. At the end of the treatment, the parts are sprayed with a product that produces a film that improves the quality of the finish, with a considerable increase in their endurance in a salt fog chamber test.

The tunnel installed by GEINSA is equipped with a bath management and control system with readings for pH, temperature and conductivity, and an automatic dosage system for chemical products that maintains optimum product concentrations in the baths.

For waste management, a 3,000-litre tank has been provided to receive any products released from the existing well because of out-of-range parameters.

When the treatment process is complete, the part enters the drying oven and will then be ready for the application of the latest types of powder paints, with fast colour changing. After painting, the parts move into the polymerization oven. The exits of the ovens are equipped with air curtains, to prevent heat escaping from them.

The conveyor is designed for variable speeds from 0.7 m/min to 2.1 m/min.

GEINSA’s installation includes a remote help system that allows reliable real-time communication and helps considerably in the management of the line.




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