Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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19 February, 2021

GAMOR, a business with over 40 years’ experience in the mechanic metal sector and mainly focused on clamping solutions, manufactures grips and clamps, hydraulic and pneumatic tapping machines, slicers and grinders.

After a difficult year in 2020 due to the pandemic, GAMOR is embracing 2021 committed to recovering the metallurgy sector, both in Spain and beyond its borders. During 2021, with the aim of strengthening the existing connections, attracting new clients and boosting market share, the company is set to present several initiatives and new features to help reach these goals, through its different business segments.

On this occasion, GAMOR is presenting six new items, in the following areas. Clamping division: hydraulic plates, manual plates and clamping grips. Threading division:

  •         Hydraulic threaders: during 2021 GAMOR will reformulate all of its models in order to ensure it continues to be the main benchmark on the world market, fitting its machines with the latest electronic advances to enhance efficiency and profitability.
  •         Micro-threading: we are increasing the precision micro-tread product offering, expanding the MICROTAP range from Ø0.5 to Ø16mm threads; both in the production, laboratory, testing and R&D.
  •         Pneumatic threaders

In addition, due to the Covid lockdown measures put in place by the authorities, GAMOR launched its interactive SHOWROOM, where interested clients can video-test any of the hydraulic threaders (from M2 to M130) for large and/or precision threads; as well as its pneumatic threader range (from M2 to M24) for an economic thread option; as well as a range of bit grinders (Ø2-Ø30’) and milling tools (Ø4-Ø22,) for easy precision grinding. Interested parties can send over parts by courier to be used in the demos; or they can be done with material provided by GABOR based on the features requested for the test.

It should be noted that the technical staff of GABOR will be at the disposal of the end customer and distributors to resolve any technical issues on hydraulic plates, manual plates; soft, hard and special grips for all kinds of plates and marks; clamping systems for turned parts, special clamping projects; large-scale threads, micro-threads, high-precision threads (for laboratories/universities and R&D centres); design and planning of large series threads, by precision, etc.




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