Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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13 December, 2023

During its General Assembly, the European Association of Manufacturing Technologies (CECIMO) announced the appointment of Mr. François Duval as its new President for a two-year term, succeeding Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Prokop. This leadership transition also sees Mr. Riccardo Rosa take on the role of Chairman of the Technical Committee. CECIMO delegates also confirmed Mr. Marcus Burton as Chairman of the Economic Committee and Mr. Michael Merkle as Chairman of the Communication and Advocacy Committee, for a further term of office. On its part, Spain holds one of the permanent vice presidencies of CECIMO, represented by José Pérez Berdud, president of AFM Cluster.

François Duval, recognised for his outstanding contributions to the machine tool industry, reiterated his appreciation for the new role: “I'm truly honored to take on the role of CECIMO President for the next two years, and I look forward to working together on our shared goals. Especially in these challenging times, my main priorities are supporting innovation in the manufacturing sector and ensuring that European regulations allow businesses to thrive and remain competitive.”

Mr. Duval's commitment to industry development underscores the interdependence of innovation and skilled talent. “As manufacturing solutions become more complex, the need for expertise becomes paramount. To truly reap the benefits of the innovations we offer, we must provide our customers with unwavering support and guidance. Complex innovation requires a skilled and talented workforce and a commitment to helping customers realise their full potential“, said Mr. Duval.

In tandem with Mr. Duval's appointment, Mr. Riccardo Rosa, President of Rosa Ermando Spa steps into the role of Chairman of the Technical Committee. His priorities will be centred around the application of the new Machinery Regulation and advocating for sector-friendly regulations. Standardisation will also continue to be a key focus on the Committee's agenda. Continuing their pivotal roles, Mr. Michael Merkle, CEO of Agathon AG, will keep on leading the Communication and Advocacy Committee, focusing on promoting industry competitiveness and sustainable economic growth. Likewise, Mr. Marcus Burton, Special Advisor at Yamazaki Mazak UK Ltd, maintains leadership as Chairman of the Economic Committee, overseeing industry statistics and forecasts.

The collaborative synergy between the CECIMO Chairs, the Board and the CECIMO Secretariat enables Mr. François Duval, President of CECIMO, to guide the association toward success in the manufacturing sector.

Who is François Duval?

With a degree in engineering from the Institut Catholique d'Arts et Métiers (ICAM) in Lille, Mr. Duval has embarked on a remarkable journey that has spanned almost three decades within the FIVES Group. Throughout his career, he has held prominent management positions and has distinguished himself as an exceptional leader. Mr. Duval has been Managing Director of GF Machining Solutions France since July 2020. With over two decades of experience in the machine tool industry, including 6 years as President of the Machine Tool Manufacturers and Importers Group within the French trade association SYMOP, which has now become EVOLIS, he has played a key role in shaping the landscape of the industry.

Mr. Duval began his career in the MT sector as Managing Director of Cinetic Machining, where he oversaw the development of Rouchaud milling and laser welding solutions for the automotive powertrain, aluminium extrusion milling and routers for the aerospace industry, and machine tool reconditioning. His subsequent acquisition of Metrap, the largest remanufacturer in France, marked a significant milestone in his career. By merging Metrap with Cinetic Machining, he created Fives Machining, a testament to his strategic vision and leadership. He has also participated and gained experience in powder bed fusion and direct energy deposition as a board member of AddUp, a JV between Fives and Michelin. He has a broad international career with extensive experience in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Australia.


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