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15 October, 2018
  • DANOBAT’s sheet metal division presented solutions in metal coil fed laser cutting, bringing together the advantages of fiber technology applied to laser cutting and the use of metal coils as raw material.
  • DANOBAT LB coil fed laser cutting machine coil includes powerful digital tools such as the HMI system and DATA SYSTEM, taking us further into digital manufacturing.

DANOBAT’s sheet metal division, was present at the EUROBLECH exhibition (Hannover, October 23-26), where it displayed its latest technological solutions in the field of coil fed laser cutting and its commitment to digitalisation. In this edition and for the first time, its location was in Hall 27, Stand H132.

With flexibility and digitalization as main proposals, the machine to be displayed in the stand is the DANOBAT LB, a coil fed laser cutting line, a high productivity solution that combines all the advantages of fiber technology applied to laser cutting with the benefits of metal coils.

DANOBAT laser blanking solutions revolutionizes the traditional press line industry, since its advantages are multiple. Among the most important ones, we can highlight the savings in maintenance and energy, the elimination of down times, space optimization and particularly its great flexibility. All the advantages make the DANOBAT LB the perfect system for medium and short series.

DANOBAT continues betting on the development of special and innovative solutions with the aim of meeting the most demanding requirements. DANOBAT LD coil fed laser machine is tailor made and custom designed to meet the particular needs of each customer. In addition, it can be combined with different bending solutions to get a complete flexible line which permits to get finished parts automatically in one system.

The field of application of this coil-fed laser cutting system is very wide, which is why the client’s needs must be analysed in each case: type of material and thicknesses to be cut, necessary production, characteristics of the workpiece, etc.

Below are some examples of sectors of application in which this technology is having a good acceptance:
• Automotive: vehicle structural parts.
• Cookwareknives, discs for saucepans, frying pans, etc.
• Metal silos: metal silo roof sectors
• Lighting fixtures: lighting housing
• Tanks for liquid storage.
• Metal kegs.
• HVAC systems and ducts.
• Facades and metal structures of buildings.

Commitment to digital manufacturing
Included in the wide offer of digital services  that the sheet metal division is to present at the EUROBLECH is Smart HMI, integrated in the DANOBAT LB machine on display at the fair. It aids in machine operation and allows access to information on the status of the equipment and its working in real time.

Another digital solution included in the equipment is DATA SYSTEM, a powerful analysis tool that gathers data generated by the machine and manages them to get the best from the machine. This tool includes a variety of options, such as the monitoring of the machine process in real time, the management of alarms and energy consumption. It also generates productivity reports.




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