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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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15 June, 2022

ZITU, a company based in San Sebastian, has 20 years' experience as a developer of digitalization solutions. In recent years, the company has become a specialist in the in the machine connectivity and the digitalisation of machining workshops. With more than 50 companies digitised with the ERIS software and more than 600 machines monitored, ZITU participates for the first time in the BIEMH with its ERIS solution, which seeks to offer a tool to machining workshops to increase the efficiency of their machines.

ERIS is an innovative solution which enables machine tools to be monitored in real time. One of the features of ERIS is the way it captures data, as it connects directly to the CNC itself, without the need to use any intermediary device. But its main innovation lies in its ability to link this machine data with process data. In this way, ERIS enables complete traceability of the entire production process.

ERIS is not limited to the mere capture of data but converts that data into valid information for the company, facilitating more accurate decision-making based on real and accurate data, thereby making it possible to improve the machines’ productivity.

During the development of this solution, functionalities required by customers in the sector have been implemented. Artificial Intelligence has similarly been incorporated into ERIS, making it more dynamic.

Thanks to the real-time monitoring of the machines, the project perspective and that of Artificial Intelligence, ERIS provides an intelligent planner. A dynamic planner which enables a real-time vision of both short and long term planning.
Quality control, maintenance, document management, software programme repository and inefficiency control are some of the functionalities that ERIS addresses. A solution developed in collaboration with machining workshops for machining workshops, which meets the needs of both small and large workshops.

From among the advantages that ERIS brings to machining workshops are the following:

• Increased machine availability.
• Optimal planning of production orders.
• Forecasting of machine workload and expected delivery deadlines.
• Increased machine efficiency.
• Optimisation of machine maintenance tasks.
• Greater comprehensive control of the quality of the manufactured parts.
• Reduced tooling costs.
• Increased competitiveness.

According to more than 50 clients who currently have the ERIS installed in their facilities, the return on investment is between 3 and 6 months.

ZITU's extensive experience, the know-how acquired and the close treatment with its clients have made it possible to develop this innovative solution, which seeks to become a reference benchmark solution for the digital transformation of the industrial fabric of advanced manufacturing. In this regard, ZITU likewise offers other vertical digital transformation solutions for sectors such as additive manufacturing, plastic extrusion, plastic injection and other types of installations.

ZITU is present at Stand C38, in Hall 6 where it is showcasing all the ERIS functionalities. In addition, it is presenting its ERIS solution as part of the Digital Innovation Workshops on 14 June at 12.30 p.m.




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