Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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29 July, 2014

The effort made in R&D&I and the extension of the commercial network have favoured this growth.

With more than 30 years’ experience, technology today more than ever, is the cornerstone of Fagor Automation. This fact has favoured it reaching a record 90% in exports. A key element in this achievement is the investment in R&D&I, together with the extension of the commercial network.

Obtaining maximum productivity and precision for the optimal operation of machine-tools is the goal that drives the 95 researchers who work in Guipuzcoa, every day, to develop their products with technological, ergonomic, design and safety criteria.

Fagor Automation, the 5th manufacturer in the world of CNC (Computerised Numerical Control), has recently launched its new CNC 8060, providing greater sophistication for use in machining and lathing centre of up to six axles. Fagor Automation has recently been granted, precisely for this product, a Special Mention in the National Design and Innovation Award, in the Accessory, Components and Tools modality.

With the CNC 8060, Fagor Automation is obtaining dozens of new applications, as well as clients on such competitive and technological markets as Taiwan, Italy and the United States.

CNC 8060 - When research and technology come together, competitiveness wins the battle.

The CNC is presented with a new keypad layout, as well as navigation that can be customised to speed up the operation. It has no batteries or fans, so its maintenance is simpler.

Fagor Automation’s software development capacity is clearly mirrored in the features of this product that has just been launched onto the market. The CNC 8060 offers the possibility of dropping down all the menus at the same time, thus contributing to greater productivity. Furthermore, as the operator programs it, a chart is edited to verify the movements and direction ordered. Furthermore, and prior to the execution, the CNC simulates the programmed part, generating high-resolution graphs and reducing the margin of error to the minimum.

A calculator is integrated as well as operation and programming manuals.

Another characteristic of the CNC 8060 is that it allows the operator to adjust the machine dynamics during the part machining. If the machining process does not require the operator’s presence, the system will notify any incident by text message or e-mail.




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