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08 November, 2019

Fagor Automation has developed QUERCUS, the CNC automation system. QUERCUS is an integral solution that includes, apart from its numerical control, servo modules, power supplies, communication buses, spindle motors, and a full digital feedback system.

These innovations were revealed at the upcoming EMO machine tool trade show at Hannover, Germany, demonstrating its ability to meet the highest precision requirements and increase efficiency of manufacturing processes.

This is not only a solution for high-performance machines such as milling machines, lathes, and laser cutters; but also for the latest generation of equipment used in additive manufacturing and production systems for the 3C industry (computer, communication and consumer electronics).

“QUERCUS constitutes the renovation and rejuvenation of our CNC automation system built upon a numerical control, with improved control algorithms, and more compact hardware. Particular attention was paid to the drives and power supplies that have a completely overhauled control and power circuit design, while incorporating next-generation electronic components to increase overall efficiency”, explained the Worldwide Sales Manager of Fagor Automation CNC business, Asier Lopez.

This solution keeps certain features in mind, such as the ease of integrating third-party applications, flexibility, and customization.

These developments offer important advantages to machine tool manufacturers such as simple assembly and a very significant reduction in space required for the various modules. End users, on the other hand, reap certain benefits with the inclusion of a totally new HMI, which comes with updated screens that are even more intuitive and easier to use.

New forward-thinking features for the future industry

Utilizing the latest technology, the QUERCUS system contains completely reengineered hardware and new circuits, saving space inside the electrical cabinet and reducing the overall size and final cost of the machines.

“We have completely revamped our CNC by designing an extremely compact hardware platform, with space reductions of 45% for integrated CNCs and 60% for modular CNCs,” stated Gayubo.

Also, QUERCUS has faster CPU processing speeds and greater memory capacity to support improved and more powerful control algorithms.

Both the servo drives and the power supplies have been redesigned using state-of-the-art electronic components to save space inside the new power circuits and control electronics.

Moreover, the system has a new communication bus between the CNC and the drive modules. It is utilizes Sercos III Industrial Ethernet technology, allowing speeds to be multiplied up to 100 MBd and reducing times for the velocity loop of the axes. The configuration of the entire system is even more automated and the CNC can identify autonomously any connected modules.

“With a faster means of communication, the CNC can receive and manage substantially more information coming from all the machine’s axes, which translates into a more centralized information management model. This feature opens many doors to further developments that will assist our users in their digital transformation process and become Industry 4.0-ready,” emphasized the expert.

QUERCUS has feedback inputs developed for real-time serial communication protocols, a feature making it a fully digital solution.

The system was conceived to facilitate the operational tasks, so it has a web technology-based HMI and is characterized by its easy-to-use programming and portability to other platforms. It also has redesigned screens that are simplified and more intuitive.

These introductions also offer complete flexibility when designing the control station. “Usually, each manufacturer uses more than one type of machine model. Each with various performance levels, these individual machine models would typically require different CNC models. Today, our solution provides a central unit that is mechanically compatible with the whole family of CNCs, so the same control console design can be used for different types of machines regardless of the CNC model,” explained Asier Lopez.

To learn more about the QUERCOS system, please visit us at the EMO in Hannover from September 16th through the 21st. The EMO trade show is considered one of the most important international events for the machine tool and industrial manufacturing sector.




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