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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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23 March, 2023

Fagor Arrasate, specialist in developing solutions for shaping and processing metallic and composite materials, plans to scale its strategy to introduce connectivity and digitalisation technologies into its machines through its investment in the share capital of process digitalisation firm Savvy Data Systems.

The agreement reached involves Fagor Arrasate joining the Board of Directors of Savvy, becoming a new industrial partner with the San Sebastian-based company which specialises in the digital transformation of the process and machine tool industry. Through this collaboration, Fagor Arrasate, which is dedicated to the development of capital goods for sheet metal and composite materials projects for some of the world’s most demanding industrial sectors, will be able to incorporate the technologies and solutions of Savvy into its offerings.

“Our investment in Savvy Data Systems represents our fulfilment of one of the milestones set forth in the roadmap of our 2024 Strategic Plan, through which we will develop and incorporate new technological capacities that are essential for attaining the SMART FACTORY vision we have for the future. The connectivity and digitalisation of our machines, which Fagor Arrasate had been promoting for quite some time, is scaled up to another level with the collaboration of Savvy, with whom we are sure we will achieve great technological and commercial synergies,” confirms Unai López Moñux, CEO of Fagor Arrasate.

Specifically, Fagor Arrasate will be able to access the capacities and know-how of Savvy, which focus on developing solutions that transform the data from machines into information that clients can use to optimise and improve competitiveness in their processes.

An alliance that will enable Fagor to get ahead of client demands

The two companies had been collaborating for several months, which is consolidating now with the investment of Fagor Arrasate in the share capital of Savvy. This alliance, supported from the start by the machine tool manufacturer Danobatgroup, majority shareholder of Savvy Data Systems, will enable Fagor Arrasate to delve further into the development of the Fagor Smart-Connect connectivity platform, which makes it possible to monitor its machines from anywhere in the world to help its clients get the best performance from their installations and improve the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) of the plant, on one hand, and contribute to improving client processes, on the other.

“Our clients demand solutions that are solid, automated and with evermore challenging machine availability demands. Continuously monitoring the main parameters of our machines in any part of the world, and applying predictive patterns, getting ahead of the problems that arise day to day for our clients is already a reality in our businesses. Savvy gives us the capacity to get ahead in this way, as well as the possibility to optimise our clients’ operations,” says Unai López Moñux.

For his part, the CEO of Savvy Data Systems, Fernando Sáenz, considers that operating with Fagor Arrasate will bring its company access to new markets.

“We wanted to go further than what a commercial collaboration could offer us. For us, Fagor Arrasate is a strategic partner, which can contribute to our international expansion. Savvy will be driven thanks to the market share and penetration that Fagor Arrasate already has in the metal forming sector in the international markets where it operates,” says Sáenz.

“We believe that, thanks to this association, our knowledge of different types of machines and processes will be expanded, since Fagor Arrasate has the widest portfolio of own products used in sheet metalworking. Together, we will be able to integrate and propose the most advanced, best coordinated, most efficient and competitive solutions on the market. All companies that manufacture something want to be able to manufacture at lower costs and in less time. Our technologies, once implemented, will directly impact the income statement,” concludes Sáenz.




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