Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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18 December, 2017

The Querétaro plant will offer closer and more personal attention to clients in Mexico and its area of influence
Fagor Arrasate has reiterated its commitment to the Mexican market by opening a new facility in Querétaro for Fagor Arrasate S.A. de C.V. on November 30th. The Basque cooperative can henceforth offer closer and more individualised attention to clients in that country and neighbouring territories.

The plant’s opening is the natural consequence of rising orders in Mexico and will allow Fagor Arrasate to consolidate its significant presence in the Mexican market and NAFTA. Fagor Arrasate México S.A. de C.V. will count facilities equipped with the latest technology that efficiently meet the demanding needs of clients through its professional service, noted for speed, reliability and competence. The new plant will have a direct impact on clients, who will see their productivity and profitability increase due to service that is now more close at hand and personal.

The new plant will begin operations under the slogan ‘Closer than Ever’, meant to reinforce the message of proximity to clients. By opening this plant Fagor Arrasate takes a historic step in favour of a new company with highly qualified personnel in the areas of assembly, planning and management of projects. “The opening of this new plant is a milestone in the history of Fagor Arrasate,” stresses Jose Mari Balzategi, chief executive of the cooperative integrated in the MONDRAGON Corporation.

“We’re going to meet the needs and demands of our clients with professional project management and fast and competent service directly originating in Mexico,” highlights in turn the director of Fagor Arrasate México S.A. de C.V., Iker Garmendia. The opening of the new installations in November 30th will not only serve to confirm Fagor Arrasate’s commitment to the Mexican market in the present and future, but also to emphasise the past 60 years of the deep-rooted company’s history, which will be celebrated together with clients, partners and institutions. The ceremony was attended by Ibon Mendibelzua, the delegate of Euskadi in Mexico and Josu de Garritz, business advisor of SPRI Mexico. Also present at this important opening were top figures from different Fagor Arrasate business areas, along with clients, partners, cooperatives close to the market, companies from the Mexican machine tool sector and other Mexican bodies and organisations, among others.

Fagor Arrasate México S.A. de C.V. counts a new and modern office building and assembly plant with crane, occupying a space measuring 550 square metres. Its construction is evidence of Fagor Arrasate’s long-term strategy as a competent and reliable partner, as it will enable much more individually-oriented service to be offered to clients such as Consorcio VW, Cie Automotive, Gestamp, Metalsa, Mabe, Whirlpool, Electrolux, Grupo ABX, Ternium or Thyssenkrupp Materials of Mexico, who trust the Basque cooperative’s reliability when customised pressing systems, cutting lines or stamping lines have to be added to their production lines. That trust is based on technological excellence, high added value and the commitment and proximity to clients that Fagor Arrasate offers, qualities that are deeply instilled in its business spirit.

Fagor Arrasate focuses on technologies that cut across sectors, with special attention to the auto industry, impelled by the rising need for new vehicle platforms adapted to alternative energy sources. In the area of composites it is developing processes for forming those materials, while innovation in hot stamping is leading to new steels that can be processed continually. Also, advances in aluminium processing lines and analysis of hot and semi-hot aluminium deformation processes, characterising materials’ performance, have made it possible to offer optimal solutions for their processing and forming. With six plants in the world its presence is global in all markets, with references in 70 countries.




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