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17 March, 2021

A huge number of companies around the world and in all sectors of activity are pointing towards Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the most relevant industry of the 21st century, bringing along with it major changes in business models in the coming years. Mindful of the great value that data holds as a source of knowledge and analysis for decision-making and of its impact in implementing processes, organisations will be demanding new professional profiles to address this reality.

In a clear response to this new scenario in the corporate and industrial fabric, and in short, in society as a whole, Deusto University has devised a new Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Degree (GCDIA), aimed at creating these professional profiles set to dominate advanced data management and analytics and the development of AI-based solutions to optimise and automate business processes.

In this context, Deusto University has decided to bring Lantek on board as part of the Digital Industry chair. World-renowned multinational Lantek is at the forefront of cutting-edge AI application in the industrial domain, spearheading digital transformation of metal industry companies and leading the way in its sector thanks to its capacity of innovation and its commitment to promoting new talent, as well as internationalisation. Lantek currently has over 25,700 customers distributed in over one hundred countries, with 20 branches located in 14 of these.

Training for economic and social development

The objective of the Deusto Digital Industry Chair is for both entities to collaborate on informative, prescriptive and educational activities in the field of Industry 4.0.

By creating this Chair, Deusto University aims to build a platform and meeting place for players in the field that fosters the attainment of the university’s first and third missions -training and knowledge transfer-, through better professional training.

By virtue of this agreement, Deusto University and Lantek have begun working on actioning a technological development proposal supported by AI application in industrial business, covering all the ground from Data Engineering to Data Science and also taking in the Edge/Cloud developments of the industrial IoT, among other areas. Along these lines, there will be knowledge exchanges between professors, researchers and professionals from both entities, as well as some world-renowned references, with students from the AI degree and other Engineering Faculty degrees (such as Computing or Electronics), in a project that not only addresses the sensitivities of both parties, but also opens up to society.

The agreement entails holding training and information seminars as well as designing and implementing new subjects on specific degree and masters topics, as well as running student projects with tutors from both the company and the university.

“AI is an extraordinary tool for extracting hidden value from the massive agglomerations of data generated on a daily basis in any area. Its global prospects in practically any imaginable setting are unparalleled”, explains Asier Perallos, Dean of Engineering at Deusto University. Furthermore, “the activity carried out by the Digital Industry Chair is helping us to incorporate the digital component into many industrial branch studies where it is not natively present. And to do so with the aid of significant benchmarks: thanks to collaboration with companies like Lantek, we are able to bring real industrial needs and cutting-edge technology to the classroom.”

Lantek has been firmly committed to innovation since its beginnings, is passionate about training and education, and is patently aware of what society demands from young people trained in AI, which is set to be the leading-edge technology of this century.

“Our partnership with Deusto University in collaboration with this Chair aims to train qualified talent and provide them with the necessary skills in AI to meet the demands of industry today”, comments Alberto López de Biñaspre, CEO of Lantek. “Our contribution will address improving the skill set of people joining or working in the industry workforce, in terms of the digital transformation that new technologies have generated in manufacturing processes, industrial management and business models”.




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