Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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12 April, 2019

With the aim of advertising its firm stake in the development of innovative manufacturing solutions, the machine tool and production system manufacturer showcased solutions designed for carrying out high productivity grinding, turning, milling, boring and metal forming processes of great technical complexity.

Besides, the stand had the IRD-400 grinding machine on display, a solution for non-cylindrical shapes and radii, especially designed for machining dies and moulds.

In addition, the company availed of this opportunity to share its digital value proposition, composed of in-house technological developments based on industry 4.0 concepts with an aim to advancing in the creation of intelligent manufacturing spaces, fitted with interconnected equipment and capable of autonomous operation.

The industrial group also presented its new services in China provided in the recently opened new facilities in November 2018 in Shanghai.

Danobat-Overbeck IRD-400 on display

During the CIMT, the IRD grinding machine, a solution for non-cylindrical shapes and radii, developed by the DANOBAT subsidiary in Germany, DANOBAT-OVERBECK, was on display. The IRD-400 grinding solution includes internal, external, surface and radius grinding, a solution especially designed for machining dies and moulds.

The main advantages offered by this development are the maximum precision results obtained for pieces with high geometric complexity and with high productivity.

Advanced developments in cutting-edge technology

Apart from the machine on display, the group presented detailed information about the most advanced developments in grinding, milling, boring, turning and multitasking processes, as well as new technologies such as laser blanking and advanced solutions for the manufacture of high value-added components for different industries.

The stand also included information on SORALUCE Multitasking Centers, solutions aimed at maximizing productivity. With the ability to perform milling, turning and grinding operations on the same machine, it offers a large capacity and a wide range of machining functions for multiple types of work pieces of different sizes and shapes, with great efficiency and precision.

This product range is designed to respond to the machining needs of various complex medium-sized components. The machines respond to multitasking and versatility requirements, maximizing productivity and minimizing the time to prepare a part. In this regard, the new range reduces the number of required set-ups, maximizing accuracy and minimizing both cycle times and potential errors.

The ability to carry out different machining processes efficiently and accurately, including turning, milling, grinding, boring, drilling and threading, are part of its identifying features.

Digital technologies for the factories of the future

During the course of the fair, DANOBATGROUP explained its focus on industrial digitalization, which is structured around an offer of intelligent developments using digital technologies, with an aim to forge ahead in the automation of real manufacturing environments.

The latest technological advances make it possible to offer new high value-added services and, in this context, DANOBAT and SORALUCE used CIMT to showcase their offer in servitization aimed at offering intelligent machine management, improving maintenance strategies, increasing the competitiveness of equipment and optimizing the production of manufacturing plants.

Within its services branch, both brands have a consolidated digital value proposition, based on the latest advances in information and communication technologies, with the aim of facilitating the construction of smart, interconnected, automated factories and manufacturing environments capable of independent decision-making.

With the Chinese market in the spotlight

DANOBATGROUP also presented its new services in China offered through its Centre of Excellence which has recently been inaugurated in Shanghai with the mission of reinforcing its presence on the Chinese market and providing a high value-added service to its customers in this country.

This Centre of Excellence expands the branch office the group has had in Beijing for almost 30 years and offers a more intense activity. In addition, the new facilities will allow new services to be added in China.

DANOBATGROUP´s establishment in Shanghai aims to position its two top brands - DANOBAT and SORALUCE - among the most prestigious on the Chinese market. It will also serve to strengthen its sales and technical service. This commitment allows the company to strengthen ties with its customers and offer a more nearby local service, which at the same time is specialized and with a greater added value.




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