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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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16 May, 2018

The DANOBATGROUP business group, specialised in the manufacture of machine tools and advanced production solutions, will once again have a prominent presence at the next edition of the Spanish Machine Tool Biennial (BIEMH), which will take place from 28 May to 1 June at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC).

With an exhibition space of 720 square metres, at stand C/03 in hall 5 of the exhibition centre, the group will show the potential of its most outstanding brands, DANOBAT and SORALUCE, in the development of advanced machines, equipped with the latest technologies, guaranteeing maximum precision and reliability of the different manufacturing processes.

The Biennial will be the setting in which the group will present its trajectory in the development of advanced solutions, specifically designed for the manufacture of high value-added parts and adapted to the requirements of manufacturers in strategic sectors such as the automotive, aeronautics, rail transport, railway transport, energy generation or sheet metal forming sectors.

In addition, the group´s capabilities in developing turnkey lines and high-automated complete manufacturing systems will be on display at the trade fair. These projects include the preliminary engineering, the study of the manufacturing processes and technical specifications, as well as the manufacture and supply of the equipment and setting of the entire project.

A benchmark in digitisation

The latest technological advances make it possible to offer new high value-added services and, in this context, DANOBAT and SORALUCE will use the BIEMH to showcase their offer in servitization aimed at offering intelligent machine management, improving maintenance strategies, increasing the competitiveness of equipment and optimising the production of manufacturing plants.

Within its services branch, both brands have a consolidated digital value proposition, based on the latest advances in information and communication technologies, with the aim of facilitating the construction of smart, interconnected, automated factories and manufacturing environments capable of independent decision-making.

The above has already become reality and the technology has been incorporated on machines and complete production lines in different industrial sectors, and which are operational in different parts of the world.

The digital services that DANOBAT and SORALUCE present at the BIEMH include the Smart HMI, an intelligent interface that offers assistance in the operation of the machine and allows access to information on the status of the equipment and its operation in real time.

The main advantages of this service are the increased availability of the equipment, the logical operation of the control, the programming aids and the presentation of specialised machining cycles as well as documentation on operation and maintenance on screen.

In addition, it offers facilities for assisted maintenance, such as troubleshooting aids and recommended recovery plans, as well as graphic indications on energy consumption.

The commitment to digitalisation on display at the fair also includes the Data System, a set of services based on technology using Big Data and data pick-up and monitoring systems that provide info on machine status, anticipate failures, plan stops and improve the productivity of equipment.

The Data System is another of the digital solutions consolidated by the Group which has been installed on equipment of manufacturers belonging to different industrial sectors and that comes in very handy for aspects such as controlling the real consumption of the machine or the optimization of the efficiency of the production management and of the machining processes, among others

The capacities of the Control System will also be presented at the BIEMH. This is aimed at the management of automated manufacturing lines, focussing on bringing together all control processes to facilitate decision-making based on knowledge of the status of equipment and from a central information hub.

The Control System also enables the monitoring of key data and indicators, generation of reports and information to optimise processes and increase safety, among other advantages.

Finally, the manufacturers will present Intelligent Components, intelligent devices fitted on the machines to improve the productivity or machining capacity of the equipment. Within this family of solutions is the DAS+ active damping system, which has already been installed on some 70 machines and will also be fitted into the SORALUCE TA-M  milling and turning centre on display at the stand.

Advanced developments in cutting-edge technology

At the BIEMH, the group will also present the most advanced developments in grinding, milling and turning processes, as well as new technologies such as laser blanking.

During the BIEMH, the grinding machine developed by the DANOBAT subsidiary in Germany, DANOBAT-OVERBECK, will be on display. This company was founded more than a hundred years ago and specialises in internal, external, face and radius grinding applications. The exhibited solution is specially designed for the machining of dies and moulds, ceramic parts, bearing rings and injection pumps, among others.

One of the main advantages offered by the DANOBAT-OVERBECK IRD-400 model is the obtaining of very precise results of highly complex geometric parts with high production outputs.

The grinding machine achieves high accuracy finishes thanks to the incorporation of a B0 axis that makes turns of up to 91 degrees. Axis control makes it possible to perform complex internal contours using a single wheel and in one single contour stroke, thus maximising productivity.

Also, the new SORALUCE TA-M multitasking milling, turning and grinding centre will be presented, a multifunctional solution that seeks to maximise productivity and which is designed to meet the machining needs of highly demanding parts.

This equipment, capable of milling, turning and grinding operations, offers its performance for multiple types of parts of different sizes and shapes with great efficiency and precision.

This compact and ergonomic model meets the requirements of multitasking and versatility, maximising productivity and accuracy with minimum workpiece set-up times.

In the field of sheet metal forming technologies, the DANOBAT LB laser blanking equipment will be presented, a solution that combines the advantages of fibre technology applied to laser cutting with the benefits from the use of metal coils as raw material.

This is a solution that allows the separation and classification of finished parts, presents multiple automation solutions, both in coil feeding and in automatic stacking of the finished part, and offers an integral system that combines laser blanking with the different folding solutions.


With 65 years of experience in the field of technologies applied to industrial manufacturing, DANOBATGROUP has a staff of over 1,300 highly qualified people. The group is an international benchmark in the sector of machine tools and technologies applied to industrial manufacturing.




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