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30 May, 2024

Nicolás Correa, a renowned company in the industrial machinery sector, will unveil its innovative side-ram fixed-bed machine, the NORMA PI, at the next edition of the Biennial International Machine-Tool Exhibition (BIEMH) 2024. Visitors will be able to find Nicolás Correa at Pavilion 1, Stand C10, where the advanced features and capabilities of the NORMA PI will be showcased along with other technological innovations from the company.

Key Features of the NORMA PI

Design and robustness

The NORMA PI introduces a new concept of a fixed-bed side-ram machine with an integrated table on the X axis. Its robust design is due to wide-section structural elements and an ‘L’ ram guiding system. This configuration provides high rigidity and stability during machining operations.

Advanced precision

The machine guarantees high precision thanks to its mechanical ram drop correction system. This mechanism maintains consistent precision throughout the operation, regardless of load conditions.

Operational flexibility

The NORMA PI is suitable for both grinding and finishing operations, making it a flexible and versatile machine for a variety of industrial applications.

Technical specifications

  •          Longitudinal run: 3500 mm
  •          Vertical run: 1500 mm
  •          Transverse run: 1250 mm
  •          Integrated Rotary Table on X axis: Diameter of 1,000 mm, maximum load of 7,000 kg
  •          Indexed Head Model UAD: Patented Correa dual crown system, rotation every 0.02º, maximum rigidity and precision
  •          Rotation speed: 6000 rpm in S1
  •          Voltage: 33 kW and 990 Nm in S1

Live demos

During the fair, live machining demos will be held to showcase the NORMA PI's ability to perform finishing operations in 3+3 and 4+2 axis configurations, as well as high-speed grinding. These demonstrations will give visitors a chance to witness the machine's precision and efficiency first hand.

New from Nicolás Correa

In addition to the NORMA PI, Nicolás Correa will be presenting other technological innovations at BIEMH 2024:


  •          New families of FOX W and FOX MW machines: Innovations in machinery that expand milling and turning capabilities.
  •          Multitasking milling-turning solutions: Available in both vertical and horizontal ram configurations.
  •          Automatic pallet change systems: Enhancements in automation for vertical and horizontal ram machines.
  •          Digital twins for HDH640 and Siemens ONE: Advances in digitalisation and simulation to improve process planning and execution.
  •          New IoT system Delfos 5.0: Integration of IoT technologies for advanced management and monitoring of machining operations.




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