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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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06 April, 2022

Grupo Nicolás Correa (GNC), a leading international player in milling solutions, has announced it is joining the Dual Occupational Training scheme promoted by the Castilla y León Regional Government and the Salesianos Padre Aramburu occupational training centre. Through this agreement, the company aims to help foster technical professions in the region, a fundamental mainstay in the machine-tool sector.

This scheme, which is within the framework of the GNC's talent attraction and retention strategy, will enable the Burgos-based company to become integrated in this training network through direct collaboration with the Castilla y León Regional Government and different educational institutions in the region. In this regard, this platform created by the Department of Education and the Castilla y León Regional Government will enable GNC to attract, maintain and adapt different work teams to address the current and future needs of the company. “Dual occupational training contributes to providing students with the knowledge and skills the sector needs, as well as getting them ready for the workplace in the current technological, social and economic context, where more technical and specialised staff are needed”, says Mario Villamudria, director of Human Resources at Nicolás Correa.

Getting this initiative off the ground started with taking on four students from the senior diploma courses in Mechanical Manufacturing Programming and Automation and Industrial Robotics at Salesianos Padre Aramburu occupational training centre for work experience at the company's facilities in Burgos. To support their occupational training, these students will develop, manage and supervise different manufacturing and technological aspects in the various areas alongside the GNC staff between the months of February and June of this year. This experience will give them a technical and specialised overview of the processes carried out at the company.

According to Francisco Javier Tapia, head of the Mechanical Manufacturing Department of Salesianos Padre Aramburu occupational training centre, “at our institution, we are committed to improving the training process of our students and we observe the competency needs of the jobs out there. We are confident that Dual Occupational Training is the best system for providing the competencies needed in order to successfully adapt to the job needs companies are looking for. That's why one of our strategic lines is our relationship with companies and their needs”. Tapia also stresses that “we have seen from experience that this type of project is a guaranteed success and companies are confident that it's a safe bet”.




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