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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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29 January, 2024

CEVISA's innovative commitment to the creation of a range of high-performance, finish-machined chamfering machines has had a significant impact on the national and international market. This initiative, which began approximately five years ago, has been commercially consolidated in 2022 and 2023, thanks to the high demand for the CHP 60G, CHP-60G INV and CHP 30G machines. According to the company's manager, Jorge Caballé, "this family of chamfering machines has become a differentiator in our offer and has boosted our business. The year 2023 closed with record exports and a record order book".

To meet the growing demand for production and the requests of some customers, CEVISA has implemented two plans that will expand its industrial capacity and its product catalogue. On the one hand, they have acquired a CNC lathe with Y axis from the Biscayan company CMZ, equipped with FANUC MT-LINKi, which will come into operation this month, increasing the production of components for their machines and reaffirming their commitment to sustainability by having an energy efficiency certificate. In addition, CEVISA has started work on the design of the fourth chamfering machine in the family, which will be the largest so far and will exceed the current limits of sheet thickness (150 mm) and chamfer height (100 mm at 8 degrees). Jorge Caballé mentions that they plan to launch it on the market in 2024 and present it at the next Bilbao biennial, following the success of the CHP 30G model at the 2022 show.

CEVISA's innovation is also reflected in its line of shear finish chamfering machines, with the 'Ecrodur' project supported by the Basque Government's Hazitek programme in 2022 and 2023. This project, in collaboration with Ikankronitek, seeks to improve the treatment of the shear milling cutter, with plans to continue in 2024 to achieve longer tool life and improved cutting quality through eco-friendly coatings.

This innovative drive translates into sales growth of 25 per-cent in 2023, adding to the 30 per-cent increase in 2022. This growth is mainly driven by international markets, with a strong performance in the United States, Mexico and a good evolution in other countries such as Brazil, China, France, Turkey, the Netherlands and Denmark, where five special chamfering machines were recently delivered for an offshore project. In Spain, sales have seen a 15 percent decline, although the local market was the best performer in 2022 thanks to the momentum of the Bilbao Machine Tool Biennial. The main customers for CEVISA's new generation of machines are in sectors such as offshore, service centres, bridge manufacturers and companies working with complicated materials.

Source: Empresa XXI.




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