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12 May, 2014

LAGUN GTM3 cross travelling column milling machine with rotary moving table (type T)

This product line enables the machining of bulky and heavy parts with high precision requirements, in an environment of complicated accesses and with multiple surfaces and planes to machine. The arrangement of the axes of the machine configuration allows optimal machining precisions to be set at the machining point. It consists of configuring several relatively short strokes which when combined secure optimum precision quality; moreover, workpiece handling, especially of bulky pieces, but also medium to high loads, is greatly facilitated.

Main technical features:

- Travel on X: 3000, Y: 1200, Z: 1500, V: 1000

- Continuous chuck rotation C: 1800 x 1800 with load capacity of up to 10 Tn

- Fully equipped with:

o Heidenhain iTNC 530 HSCI control

o Automatic universal headstock on the two bodies every 2.5°, cooled by oil recirculation and with continuous rotational capability to 6000 rpm

o Internal cooling through the high pressure tool

o Chip conveyors

o 60 tool chain type magazine with vertical and horizontal change

o Renishaw RMP 60 part centring, alignment and checking probe

Automatic Universal Head each 1ºx1º GHS

This milling machine have the revolutionary GHS headstock designed and manufactured by Goratu, which maintains a stable temperature to 6000 rpm by means of an oil recirculation cooling system. This system allows just the right amount of lubrication, the oil flow is adjusted to the speed of rotation. All rotating parts are continuously lubricated which reduces friction and wear and increases the lifespan and precision over long periods. This lubrication system does not require maintenance.

Main technical features:

o Continuous rotation speed to 6000 rpm

o High thermal stability

o Long life

o High precision

o 28 kW power on S1

o Cooled ZF box

Hall 1, stand D-44 E-43




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