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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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28 May, 2014

Fiber laser cutting machine, IRIS, is a high productive and efficient machine. It is equipped with a 5 kW power laser source, which enables cutting of larger thicknesses and obtaining better qualities.DANOBAT has developed a laser cutting machine based on fiber technology. The use of fiber technology achieves great reduction of production costs, associated with energy saving. Furthermore, it achieves a drastic reduction in fixed maintenance costs and consumables.

Among the advantages offered by the use of the fiber technology applied to the laser cutting, the most outstanding are:

• EFFICIENCY: drastic reduction in energy consumption due to high performance of the laser source, that requires no routine maintenance and its useful life is equal to that of the machine.

• SPEED: high cutting and piercing speeds, thanks to the beam density and linear motors.

• VERSATILITY: a wider range of materials can be processed, due to wavelength which enables cutting of reflective materials (aluminium, copper, brass, etc.).

• COMPACT: compact and simple layout. The use of optic fiber simplifies machine architecture, since the beam is transported through cable.

Cutting head

IRIS is equipped with a cutting head designed to optimize fiber laser benefits:

• Fast fiber connection on top of the head.

• Automatic focal point adjustment for each material and thickness.

• Quick protection window change thanks to its auto-centring system.

• Integrated capacitive sensor for automatic height regulation before sheet deformations or upfomings.

• Cooling through closed water circuit.

Fiber laser source

The machine is equipped with a 5 kW power laser source, which enables:

• Higher cutting speeds.

• Possibility of cutting thicker materials.

• Better cutting quality in thick materials.

The machine incorporates the SMART TECH system developed by DANOBAT, which makes the interpretation of messages easier for the customer and enables direct connection with our technical assistance service.

The IRIS model of DANOBAT is standardly equipped with an automatic table change system. Optionally it may be equipped with automatic storage, loading and unloading systems.

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