Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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08 June, 2022The BERKOA MACHINE TOOLS cooperative from Gipuzkoa is a specialist in providing customised solutions to its customers in the manufacture of machine tools that are true to its motto "You name it, we make it." The 31st edition of the BIEMH will be held between June 13 and 17 and it will be at Stand C02 in Hall 1 where Berkoa will be presenting its SoldAvanza and Ikasmak projects, as well as the different projects it has carried out in the last year.

From among the projects the SoldAvanza (Advanced Welding) project which seeks to develop new systems with advanced technological capabilities for the Rotary Friction Welding process, should be highlighted. The innovations to be addressed focus on a new process control system (BLSC 4.0) using embedded sensors, as well as new drives or subsystems that will enable multi-process capabilities and multi-material manufacturing. The SoldAvanza project also has the important participation of IK4 LORTEK, a technological centre specialising in joining technologies and with extensive knowledge of the different existing friction welding technologies.

The commitment to offer its customers specialised, innovative and customised machines has become one of the main driving forces behind its growth, winning the tender launched by the Basque Government for the manufacture of thirteen Multiprocess Machines for the education sector, specifically for Vocational Training Centres. This is the Ikasmak 5.1 project, a prototype that was presented at the 2018 BIEMH Fair.

This prototype was designed in Berkoa following the characteristics agreed upon in various meetings between its technicians and the teaching staff of the IMH, the Elgoibar Machine Tool Institute. From there, the project has evolved towards more specialised machines; Industry 4.0, data capture and analysis, connected to the cloud, virtual reality, cell 4.0 with collaborative robot etc.

In addition to the manufacture of machines specially designed for the needs of its customers, the world of retrofitting is also important to Berkoa. With extensive experience in this sector, likewise offering customised solutions based on machines, whether the customer’s own machines or from the second-hand market. And finally, it is worth noting the significant internationalisation that the company is achieving by having already consolidated projects in Romania, the United States, Great Britain, India and France.




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