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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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30 May, 2024

BERKOA Machine Tools has confirmed its participation in the International Machine-Tool Biennial (BIEMH) 2024, a significant event for the advanced manufacturing industry. The company will leverage this fair to showcase its capabilities in designing and manufacturing machines with special applications, highlighting its commitment to technological innovation and the circular economy.

Key Highlights at BIEMH 2024

Rotary Friction Welders

One of the main attractions that BERKOA will present at BIEMH 2024 is its range of rotary friction welders. This unique technology, developed and manufactured exclusively by BERKOA, is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, offering ideal solutions for multiple industrial applications. This personalised approach positions BERKOA as a leader in the rotary friction welding market.

SOLDAVANZA Subcontracting Service

Additionally, BERKOA will introduce its subcontracting service for the SOLDAVANZA welder. This service allows companies to access advanced rotary friction welding technology without the need for a significant initial investment. With SOLDAVANZA, clients can conduct tests and validate their designs before moving to large-scale production, facilitating innovation and reducing the risks and costs associated with implementing new technologies.

Commitment to Circular Economy

BERKOA's commitment to the circular economy will also be a key highlight at BIEMH 2024, particularly through its retrofitting projects. The company is dedicated to updating and modernising existing machinery, extending its lifespan and reducing environmental impact. This process not only helps clients minimise their investment costs but also contributes to a more sustainable model of industrial production by reusing components and minimising waste.

Comprehensive Support Services

In addition to its manufacturing capabilities, BERKOA will provide information about its technical assistance services and the sale of second-hand machines. These complementary services enable BERKOA to offer comprehensive support to its clients, ensuring efficient and productive operations.

Innovae Collaboration

At stand C02 in Pavilion 1, BERKOA will feature Innovae, its partner in Extended Reality solutions for Industry 4.0. Innovae will present Virtual Reality tools and simulators, as already implemented in the multiprocess machine IkasMak. They will also showcase SAAM, a platform for digitising technical operations that standardises step-by-step guided processes with images, videos, and 3D models. SAAM is compatible with smartphones, tablets, and Mixed Reality glasses, providing quick access to information and workflows by overlaying instructions onto the real environment.




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