Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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01 December, 2021

Berkoa continues to hit its targets with the aim of progressing not just as a supplier of special machine tool solutions but also by expanding its overseas market, in this case, with an order for the US and another new one for India.

This market expansion is thanks to an order by a plant that is jointly held by two major multinationals. BORG WARNER–DELPHI handles a wide range of products and is an international supplier of combustion vehicle propulsion systems: hybrid and electric. Together with TVS, one of the largest manufacturers of two-wheel vehicles in the world.

In this instance, they will be manufacturing a RHO-4 special transfer gear grinder for the DELPHI-TVS plant located in the city of Chennai (India). A similar machine was handed over in 2018 for the multinational's plant in the city of Iasi in Romania. The machine is a specially designed gear grinder for the machining of the four guiding faces of diesel pump pads. Its technical specifications include two 90,000 rpm high-frequency spindles, diamond knurling tool, built-in machine measuring and automatic unloading. In addition to this machine, the two companies are also currently negotiating the acquisition of other machines for the machining of vehicle propulsion system components.

In addition, Berkoa is strengthening its relations with the US market and specifically with the multinational Bellota Agrisolutions, one of the main manufacturers of farming machinery and distributor of spare parts across the five continents.

This item is a third vertical lathe for tillage discs, model D2-800, by the aforementioned multinational. The first lathe was delivered in 2020 to the plant run by the multinational in the Gipuzkoa town of Legazpia. The second lathe was handed over this year, 2021, to the Rock Island plant in the state of Illinois in the US. In this third case, the order also came from the said US plant. As with the previous machine, the maintenance of the lathe is done by robot. There has been evolution since the manufacture of the first lathe model, building in new systems to ensure product quality; laser equipment for product control as well as correct positioning, tool status control, shred evacuation improvements, etc.

The international leap made by Berkoa S.Coop. in machine manufacturing during these five years is a great accomplishment for its human team, which has designed, manufactured and commissioned different machines in France, Romania, the US and, now, India. And we must not forget the rest of the services they offer apart from manufacturing new machines, such as retrofit, retooling and S.A.T. And their rotary friction welding machines are a whole separate area, regarding which important news, advancements and solutions will be revealed soon.




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