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30 May, 2024

Autopulit, a top manufacturer of made-to-measure manufacturing equipment for metallic surface finishing, will be exhibiting at the 2024 Biennial International Machine-Tool Exhibition (BIEMH) in Bilbao. Visitors will find Autopulit at stand 6/C-02, where they will be showcasing some of the most advanced technologies for industrial process optimisation.

Robotic Cell CR/2UL

Among the new features that Autopulit is set to present at BIEMH 2024 is the Robotic Cell CR/2UL. This piece of compact “Plug and Play” equipment is designed to perform automatic weld seam elimination, spoke finishing and polishing on a wide variety of small and medium-sized sheet metal parts. Features include:

  •         Automatic weld seam elimination: Guarantees a smooth and even surface.
  •         Spoke finishing and polishing: Ideal for achieving high quality, even finishes.
  •         Variety of applications: Intended for sectors such as sheet metalwork (parking meters, access controls), hotel and catering sector (kitchen extractor fans, oven fronts and doors, food industry equipment) and the automotive sector.

This technology ensures a consistent finish regardless of any geometric variations in parts, optimising the manufacturing process and generating significant time and cost savings.

Live demos

For the first time this year, Autopulit plans to offer the possibility of holding demos of real processes on parts. This opportunity will allow visitors to watch first-hand how efficient and accurate the CR/2UL robotised cells is, showcasing its ease of use and the benefits it can bring to production processes.

TIMESAVERS 22 Rb Series Machine

In addition to the robotised cell, Autopulit will be exhibiting the TIMESAVERS 22 Rb series model, a compact rotating brush machine that offers an array of functions, including:

  •         Deburring: Efficiently removing burrs.
  •         Edge rounding: Ensuring edges are smooth and safe.
  •         Perfect finish: Provides high quality finishes on metallic parts.

Applications in a variety of sectors

The solutions presented by Autopulit are designed to improve the manufacturing processes in various sectors. The CR/2UL robotised cell and the TIMESAVERS 22 Rb series machine are particularly useful in:

  •         Sheet metalwork: Improving quality and efficiency in the manufacturing of parking meters, access control systems and other metal components.
  •         Hotel and catering sector: Optimising finishes on extractor fans, oven fronts and doors and equipment for the food industry.
  •         Automotive sector: Ensures high-precision finishes on automatic components, improving the durability and appearance of the parts.




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