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Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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25 January, 2018

AGME Automated Assembly Solutions, a benchmark manufacturer in the design and development of special machinery, offers personalised solutions for inserting bushings in automotive components. To carry out these turnkey projects, AGME selects and combines the technologies that adapt best to each process and component, integrating them into a solution tailor-made to the technical specifications of each industry.

To satisfy this objects, a multidisciplinary and experienced team of engineers and technicians, specialised in design, process automation, assembly and validation of machines, develops an automatic assembly solution that adapts to the desired automation degree in each process.

This type of automatic assembly solutions, defined for the company, integrate specialised technologies that include PLC controls, pick & place systems, part greasing and marking units, among many others.

A novel aspect is that these solutions frequently incorporate electric servo-press heads. Press units that permit the insertion of bushings with great precision and improve result monitoring. Thus, as underscored by AGME, compliance with the high quality standards of the automotive industry is achieved. The main components of these solutions as well as the necessary toolings to carry out assembly processes are manufactured at AGME with in-house production means and technology. This bespoke machine manufacturer thus controls the majority of the production phases of its automatic solutions to insert bushings in sub-assemblies. Thus, both the final quality of the bespoke project and the quality of all the components processed in it are guaranteed. Unnecessary delays in delivery and fine-tuning of the machine at the customer’s facilities are therefore avoided.

These special automatic machines for inserting and/or crimping bushings are commonly used for the assembly of suspension arms, shock absorbers, recliners and seat structures, among many other components.




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