Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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18 March, 2021

Founded in 1948, Gipuzkoa-based company AGME Automated Assembly Solutions works in the machine tool sector from its headquarters in Eibar with a multidisciplinary team of 57 professionals. Specialised in manufacturing custom-built machines for automated assembly and in the production of riveting machines and presses, AGME is a global supplier whose main clients are in the automotive industry, as well as other sectors such as metalwork, electrical switchgear and electrical appliances.

The Eibar-based company has two clearly differentiated lines of products: standard machinery (riveting machines and presses) and special machines customised to the technical specifications of the client. Standard machinery includes AGME radial riveting machines, its most popular product, since they use the assembly processes of global automotive parts manufacturers in over 25 countries across Europe, Asia and America.

The company’s international client portfolio includes CIE Automotive, Gestamp, Adient and many other global automotive parts manufacturers. “What’s more, our suppliers of technologies and commercial elements are also leading global businesses in their fields”, highlights Arantzazu Vicario, Marketing Manager of AGME.

Its second business line features custom-built machines for automated assembly of parts such as hinges for doors, bonnets, jacks, seat guides or shock absorbers for cars. AGME designs and manufactures automatic assembly solutions that are increasingly automated and interconnected with other machines and systems. In both business lines, AGME supplies machines that are equipped to connect up with the management systems or platforms used by the client to receive production data. “In this way, the information from our machines integrates with their global traceability systems”, highlights Vicario.

“Having a multi-disciplinary technical team and our own production resources sets us apart from many machinery manufacturers”, she adds. AGME is involved in every single production stage of the solutions it develops: from technical analysis to commissioning the machinery at the client’s premises and subsequent technical support. It also uses its own technologies fully developed in-house, integrating AGME riveters and presses when necessary.

Looking to the future, AGME aims to consolidate as an international supplier of integrated automatic assembly solutions, intensifying its international presence through its distribution network and alliances with local partners in its key countries. AGME also aims to maintain its positioning at the international forefront of radial riveting machine manufacturing.




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