Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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13 December, 2023

AGME proudly celebrates its 75th anniversary, with an exceptional track record in designing and manufacturing high-value-added automatic assembly solutions. Since its establishment in 1948, innovation has been a cornerstone of its identity. The commitment to innovation and R&D is dedicated to crafting customised, technologically advanced assembly machinery—machines that are progressively more flexible, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

AGME has been a pioneer in internationalisation, focusing on designing and manufacturing special machines for major automotive component manufacturers. As early as the 1970s, the company began developing special machinery, riveting machines, and presses for the leading global automotive component industries with plants across Europe. Since then, the number of AGME-branded machines supplied has continually increased in Europe, Asia, and America. AGME's global presence is made possible through an extensive network of technical and commercial partners in various countries, providing proximity and local service to global clients.

In the realm of the industry's digital transformation, through the incorporation of robotics, programming, sensors, and artificial vision, among others, AGME's assembly solutions are becoming increasingly automated, flexible, and interconnected. The riveting and pressing process control systems have been developed to ensure the quality, speed, and connectivity required by demanding industries such as automotive components.

Beyond the automotive sector, AGME's deformation and assembly machinery also find applications in various industrial sectors, including electrical appliances, construction, household goods, packaging, bicycles, industrial refrigeration, and many others where the assembly process plays a crucial role due to its complexity and significance in the manufacturing process.

AGME expresses gratitude to its clients and suppliers for being fundamental contributors to its success. Their trust motivates the company to continue evolving and overcoming technological challenges. AGME reaffirms its commitment to consistently provide high-tech automatic assembly solutions, riveting machines, and presses to diverse manufacturing industries.

In essence, AGME remains a company with substantial engineering capabilities, expertise in assembly technologies, and a firm commitment to customer service. Its history is one of continuous evolution, and the company looks forward to remaining the preferred partner in automatic assembly solutions.




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