Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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04 December, 2019

AFM participates in the MADINET project, which aims to provide the machine tool sector with a digital, interoperable and cybersecure ecosystem to connect the different assets of the value network. This digital ecosystem will be based on the latest industrial standards and will cover disruptive technologies in CPS/IoT, Cloud Computing or Cybersecurity, enabling the creation of replicable and monetizable 4.0 services and products to maximize efficiency in industrial production, as well as control and maintenance of the assets of the entire technological vertical.

To carry out this project, in addition to the leadership of AFM, there is a consortium formed by seven representative companies and leaders in the advanced manufacturing sector (Fagor Arrasate, Goizper, Mondragon Assembly, Fagor Automation, Ibarmia, Ingeteam and Ona EDM), a leading provider of digital solutions for industry (NEM Solutions) and four RVCTI agents (Ikerlan, Tecnalia, Koniker and Fagor Aotek).

MADINET is a project born from the AFM Connect 4.0 strategy, whose basic principles are aligned with the HAZITEK strategy, and whose objectives are:

-  Have an ecosystem that facilitates and speeds up digitization.

-  Promote the group of advanced manufacturing towards digital implementations.

-  Dynamize initiatives of interest to participating companies and institutions.

-  Facilitate the development of tractor projects.

-  Align the strategic plan of AFM CLUSTER, AFM Connect 4.0, with the initiatives of the administrations.




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