Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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27 July, 2016

The CPS4ME project aims to prepare Basque small and medium sized companies for the 4.0 revolution by developing a new generation of ICT-based cyber-physical tools and systems that enhance their competitiveness in the global market. The project involves the development of ten cyber-physical systems (CPSs) and ICT-based features tailored to the requirements of the consortium’s 19 SMEs.

The participants in the consortium can be arranged by activity in three groups:

- Machine-tool manufacturers (GOITI-DANOBATGROUP, EKIN, ONA, MONDRAGON ASSEMBLY): they are mainly concerned about introducing new integrated systems in their machines to improve process productivity and add value to their product;

- Machine component manufacturers (SIKULAN, LANTIER, MYL, OBEKI, ABC, AMOPACK, GOIZPER, EKIDE, COMETEL): this group aims to obtain more information about how their products function inside machines and to suitably process that information so that maintenance can be optimally planned and to improve future versions of their equipment;

- Machining companies LAGUN ARTEA, GOIMEK, ETXEPE, LEGUTILAN, AEROMEC, GOL). The machining companies are interested in developing new technical solutions that enable them to resolve problems they currently face in machining processes.

The consortium also counts the company INGETEAM, which will modify and adapt its INGESYS IC3 controller so it can operate as the brain of the different cyber-physical systems that will be developed.

AFM, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, will lead the project by carrying out coordination tasks and ensuring that the results have as much impact as possible on the Basque Country’s manufacturing SMEs.

CPS4SME is a 3-year project (began on 1 May 2015, ends on 31 December 2017) with an approved budget of just over 5 million euros. It is one of the Etorgai strategic projects approved by the Basque government.


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    AFM, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

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