Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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27 May, 2016

AFMEC, the Spanish Association of Machining and Metal-mechanical Transformation was incorporated in Elgoibar yesterday.

Driven by AFM, it has 11 founding companies.

AFMEC, the Spanish Association of Machining and Metal-mechanical Transformation was created in Elgoibar yesterday to group together and provide services to machining, boilermaking and deformation companies, and all others related to metal-mechanical transformation.

AFMEC is a new initiative of AFM, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Machine-tools, Components, Tools and Accessories, which also manages the industrial associations of ADDIMAT, Spanish Association of Additive Manufacturing and 3D Technologies, and ESKUIN, Hardware and Industrial Supply Cluster.

The companies engaged in machining and metal transformation in general, make up an important group that AFMEC purports to bind and group together to promote their competitiveness. These companies can also collaborate in a synergic manner with the other Associates of the large AFM family, as, in many cases, they are suppliers and/or customers of the sector. With this initiative, AFM will encompass both manufacturers of technologies for manufacturing, and different customers and users, gathering together a considerable number of companies related to metal-mechanics and advanced manufacturing in one same environment.

In addition to AFM, the founding members of AFMEC include the companies, Cevisa, Etxepe, Goimek, Gometegui, Izadi Mecanizados, Mancisidor, Mecanizados Tar, Talleres Aratz, Talleres Bidegain, Talleres Hilfa and Talleres Tximi. The association is open to the incorporation of all companies related to machining and metal-mechanical transformation who wish to join AFMEC, at any time.

AFMEC assumes the mission of representing this group, promoting inter-business cooperation, and providing its members with professional services. AMFEC will also provide a forum upon which a coherent and differentiated image of the machining and metal-mechanical transformation industry can be defined.

The management of AFMEC is underpinned by the professional team of AFM, which covers the areas of internationalisation, technology, communication and people, and whose headquarters are located at their facilities in the Technology and Science Park of Guipuzcoa.


    AFM, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

    AFM, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

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