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04 June, 2019

Today, the largest industrial fair of the year has begun in Bilbao, which includes the celebration of seven fairs: ADDIT3D, SUBCONTRATACIÓN, INDUSTRY TOOLS, BEDIGITAL, MAINTENANCE, PUMPS&VALVES and FITMAQ, as well as the industrial employment forum, WORKINN. About 1,300 firms from 35 countries will occupy BEC’s 1-3-5 pavilions in which the commercial exhibition will be held with a wide range of conferences, seminars and B2B programs.

AFM CLUSTER accompanies 95 firms from the different fields of activity it represents: machine tools, additive manufacturing and 3D printing, industrial supply and hardware and machining and metalworking transformation, which will be distributed among the different fairs held in parallel in + INDUSTRY.

This morning, the Regional Minister of Economic Development and Competitiveness of the Basque Government and President of BEC, Arantza Tapia, led the inauguration ceremony of + INDUSTRY, in an event attended by César Garbalena, President of AFM CLUSTER, Miguel González, President of ESKUIN, Alfonso Urzainki, president of ADDIMAT and Alberto Pérez, president of AFMEC. Imanol Pradales, Councilor of Economic and Territorial Development, and Amaia del Campo, Mayor or Barakaldo, have also accompanied the Minister. After the opening ceremony the delegation has visited the fair, touring the three pavilions where the event is held.

Tomorrow, the opening of the industrial employment fair, WORKINN, will take place. The Deputy Minister of Employment and Youth, Marcos Muro, and Teresa Laespada, Regional Deputy of Employment, Social Inclusion and Equality, of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia will be in attendance.

Throughout the three days of + INDUSTRY, there will be various conferences such as Digital Talks and Additive Talks; and AFM CLUSTER will also organize on June 5th some B2B meetings called "Advanced and Digital Meetings" where more than 150 bilateral meetings between companies in the advanced and digital manufacturing sector will take place.

In addition to this, one of the associations that make up AFM CLUSTER, the association of machining and metalworking transformation, AFMEC, will also hold on June 5th, in the framework of the fair + INDUSTRY, its general assembly, to which more than eighty companies of machining, cutting, metal forming and boilermaking and other metalworking transformation will attend.


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