Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.
Asociación de fabricantes de maquina herramienta.

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Business consultancy, specialized in strategy, operations, organization and people, mainly focused on business transformation and competitiveness improvement.

Improvement of competitiveness and orientation to results have always been our leitmotif since the company was created in 1984.

The company’s founder’s experience in the industrial sector has developed into our conception of consultancy, in which we provide 100% customized solutions and focused on action.

Throughout these years we have continuously been working for industrial companies of very diverse profiles (different activities, size, philosophy, shareholders structure…), supporting them through their challenges in strategic and organizational matters.

Regarding this last point, we would like to highlight the new methodology we are working in with our clients, named ‘Profitable Engagement’, which seeks to improve the overall results of the company focused on three basic pillars: engagement of the people, engagement of customers and commitment to the environment. Empirical studies have shown that companies and organizations with a higher engagement level, have a better performance and are more competitive and sustainable in the medium and long term. That is why we think this is our best bet.

In addition to the already mentioned methodology, one of our most innovative services is linked to Advanced Manufacturing, combining both technological and non-technological approaches, 'SMART In-Factory Model'. We believe that there must be a real consistency between the strategic goals of a company and its organizational structure, in order to guarantee its success. A fast technological developing company should also invest in developing its organizational structure to the same level.

OPE Consultants has had a very close relationship with the Machine Tool sector in general, and with AFM in particular for years. As an example, OPE Consultants has taken part in the design of AFM’s Strategic Plan and in the merger of AFM and AMT. In addition, we also continue working with associate companies in our areas of expertise.




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