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20 July, 2016

IZAR CUTTING TOOLS, S.A.L’s innovation, investment and internationalization plan has been acknowledged by the Regional Council of Vizcaya, as one of the twelve best projects of the territory in terms of the manufacture of very high added value products in key sectors, growth potential and job creation.

The manufacturer of cutting tools such as bits, milling cutters, cores, etc., has been one of those chosen in the “3i Programme” of the Vizcaya Council, with the objective – in three years – of creating 225 new jobs and increasing the turnover of these 12 companies by 87 million Euros, for which they will receive the support of the regional institution.

At the Amorebieta firm, the plan is based on increasing its degree of internationalization to more than the 80 countries that it currently exports to, and on positioning IZAR as a high added value supplier in the European market. As such, its focus is placed, above all, on Germany, France and Italy, which are technologically advanced countries where customers place a lot of importance on product quality and performance. To this end, IZAR will focus on improving service at a continental level and on introducing innovative and high technological value products for the aeronautical sector.

The event when the twelve selected projects were presented, took place on Monday, 13th June, and was attended by Elena Serrano, the company’s financial director, on behalf of IZAR.




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