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18 February, 2016

The new equipment, designed for the firm Onduline, of Gallarta (Basque Country), is comprised of two complementary phases.

The firm, Onduline, manufacturer of waterproofing and insulation systems for roofs and decking has placed its trust in Geinsa to supply the strategic equipment for a complete “turnkey” painting and drying installation, for its production line at the Gallarta Plant in the Basque Country.

The equipment, in a first phase, is comprised of a mobile primary painting installation with product recovery and a reciprocator-based automatic painting system. In the second phase, the equipment is comprised of three pressurized and tempered paint booths with pigment capture in water curtain. The first booth will be for the base and the second and third for special applications.

The application equipment has been studied, installed and started up by Geinsa with the collaboration of Exel Industrial.

This is all completed with a paint drying oven with controlled calorific capacity up to 80º C, by means of air vein burners (direct flame) and 20:1 modulation.

The transport system is carried out by means of modulatable conveyors with variable speed.

The lines are controlled from the control desk with built-in touch screen and implementation of programmable logic controller (PLC). The control cabinet has a synoptic chart illustrating the main elements of the installation.




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