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23 September, 2014

The company has extended the facilities of this area in order to intensify its presence on traditional markets and foster marine, rail and special machinery markets.

Engranajes Grindel is specialised in the production of high quality splined shafts and gearings and it has boosted its quality area with the acquisition of new cutting-edge technology measuring equipment in order to respond to the demands of its current customers, as well as to foster the customer portfolio of marine and rail sectors, among others, and the manufacture of larger-sized gearings for machine-tool and other special machinery.

To respond to the needs of those activities, this company from Guipuzcoa has installed a Zeiss Accura II 9.12.8 three-dimensional machine with a measuring range of 900 x 1200 x 800 mm, in its quality control area. The equipment has the necessary accessories and programs to measure external and internal gearings according to DIN, ISO and AGMA standards, among others.

The second machine that has been incorporated is a Gleason CMC Gear Inspection Machine which, like the above, will support all the afore mentioned quality standards.

The programme of investments in the quality department is complemented by the remodelling and extension of its facilities to foster the manufacture of the highest quality gearings.

Grindel has been working for more than a decade on the absolute quality of its products.

This effort is reflected in the gearing inspection equipment that the company owns, which enables us to check and ensure that all the gearings and shafts produced meet the requirements and specifications demanded by its customers.

Its quality control equipment includes a Gleason M&M flank analyser (line and involute), a Mutitoyo three-dimensional machine, a durometer, a Grietas Magneflus analyser and a composite error verifying rolling machine.

Its quality control programme includes the control of suppliers, processes and inspection of parts during the manufacturing process, the final control, preventive and corrective actions, as well as the control of its measuring and control equipment. This company from Elgoibar also has ISO9001:2000 quality certification and ISO14001 environmental certification.

Engranajes Grindel is a consolidated company in the sector of transmission elements both in short and medium series. They are also specialists in grinding external gears.

Some of the main applications of its products are cranes and hoists, public works machinery, special vehicles and 4x4, transmissions, pumps and compressors, reducers, diesel engines, robotics and machine-tools.

Source: Empresa XXI



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